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Rough Guys

Rough Guys

Klaus Schilling

The story’s Rating is PG-13.
iDon’t Own Zoey 101 or any other of the shows or works of arts used for this story.
Abstract: Genres include fluff, friends, family

The story occurs in the identified universe of a huge variety of current or past live action shows and movies produced for Nickelodeon channel, including, but not restricted to, Victorious, Zoey 101, The iCarly Show, Drake & Josh, How To Rock, Big Time Rush, Unfabulous, Neds Declassified School Survival Guide, True Jackson VP, Supah Ninjas, House Of Anubis, Just Jordan,Bucket & Skinners Epic Adventures, … and makes heavy use of a variety of members of their casts.

There are no hard prerequisites for reading this stories but knowledge of the main characters and storylines as found e.g. in the Wikipedia pages of the most important Nickelodeon Shows of the past decade, especially the works of Dan Schneider.

The story timeline takes off with the begin of season three of Zoey 101.

Drake & Josh is past season three, with season four considered as a nighhtmare of Megan Parker.

The canon of Unfabulous and Neds Declassified School Survival Guide is just complete.

All other shows are pre canon, with Victorious being a nightmare of Lola Martinez.

The iCarly Show past season three is equally considered a bunch of Carly’s dreams in action.

But all those dreams are based on people and setting really known to the characters of the story, in one way or the other.

Summary: Gibby switches to Pacific Coast Academy for his seventh grade and obtains the task of an equipment manager for the school’s football team. It is not easy getting along with the rough jocks.

Gibby’s decisions and actions change the story line of Zoey 101 and many other Nickelodeon shows. Pairings include Gibby / Sandy Baldwin (from Zoey 101: Lola likes Chase.) …


The story is written for LiveJournal-Community Tamingthemuse, prompt Rough.


Chapter 1  Gibbay!

1.1  Prologue

Hello, my name is Orenthal Cornelius Gibson,1:1 but I used to be called Gibby all the way, even by my teachers.

I grew up in Seattle, or, as some would say, the emerald city. I never understood why, though. My parents lived apart from each other, although in the same street.

Unfortunately, my teachers at Ridgeway, my school district, always deemed me weird, during the whol elementary school time. For that reason, Principal Franklin had tried to push me off to some boarding school in order to teach me better manners, whatever he meant. I guess it had to do with my habit of ripping off my shirt in the public for no obvious reason. Well, the teachers and other kids were just stupid. There was of course a reason for my stripping action, even if they lacked the mental abilities of understanding it, period.

I thought they would never find an appropriate boarding school where I was tolerated, and this had certainly not been easy. Only some dumb accident allowed Franklin to find a boarding school willing to accept me. Back then, I had not understood the reasons for this sudden change of luck.

The educational institution checked out by them was Pacific Coast Academy, located in southern California, more precisely, the beach of Malibu not far from the gates of Los Angeles, the city of fame and glory.

I was not the first student of Ridgeway to be sent there, though, and this did not make it easier. Those included especially the Puckett twins, Samantha and Melanie.1:2 Sam was a totally rough tomboy, while Melanie was sweet and soft. Strangely, they were monozygotoc twins. Samantha was now back at Ridgeway. I did not know how she had achieved getting kicked out after a few weeks only, but we had to bear with it.

Many students at Ridgeway did not even know even about Melanie’s existence, and I would not have known about it if I had not been sent to Pacific Coast Academy as well, but that was no longer my problem.

1.2  New At PCA

1.2.1  The Campus

So, this was Pacific Coast Academy? I was impressed, because everything looked rather like a spa resort than a school. But I hoped to get accustomed to it, otherwise I would not find any time to learn anything. There was the beach, and all those pools, let alone the bars and so on.

My dormitory room was 111 Weiner Hall. According to the manual, the halls were usually named afor the sponsors that had contributed most for their construction. But I had to find it first.

On my way, I passed a Japanese restaurant. |I love sushi!” I declared, ready to jump in and ghet me some.

But mom shook her head. “You may check it out afterwards. Let’s get your luggage to your dormitory cell first.”

I sighed deeply, clenching my fists. “I will be back, oh spicy tuna rolls, and then you will be due!”

1.2.2  My Dormitory Room

Wow, the rooms here ooked really spacy and bright, especially here.

I walked in, ripping off my shirt and flinging it into one of the corner. I took breath, finally yelling, “Gibbay!”

By now, everyone should have known that I was there.

There were three beds, a single and two bunks. I seemed to be the first student to arrive here, and so I picked the single bed.

Mom finally left me alone, although I had expected her to help me with my luggage. “You have to learn to manage your belongings alone, I will not be here for you everyday, so you better start now!”

I growled, “damned boarding school life!”

But where were my room mates?

1.2.3  Hot Tuna And Hot Melanie

Done with my luggage, I made it as fast as possible into the Japanese pub alias “Sushi Rox”.

It looked even cooler on the inside than on the outside. I would come to learn that the building had burned down during the last academic year, but rebuilt in the meantime due to busily helping students that I was still going to meet.1:3

Now I sat down at one of the tables, waiting for being served. I had donned my shirt again, but this was just a temporary situation, or so I swore.

A girl in the likeness of Samantha Puckett, but much cuter and sweeter, entered the same pub.

I guessed and yelled, “Melanie Puckett!”

The girl looked at me. “Yes?”

I squealed and ripped off my shirt again. “Gibbay!”

The rag landed somewhere beyond the counter, and I did not even want to know where that was.

Melanie looked a bit disgusted, but that made her much hotter. “So … I take it … you are Gibby?”

I nodded solemnly and drummed my bare and hairless chest with my palms.

Mel sighed deeply. “Oh, hi, nice to meet you. Sam hasd often told me about you. I am sorry that she is always rude to you.”

I sighed when remembering all the pains the blond demon had already caused me. “yeah, I am sorry for those, too.”

Melanie sat down next to me. “I would help you getting started here, but right now … I am in the cheerio squad, well, I have beem during the last year and want to sign up again for this year.”

I smiled. “You are certainly a good cheerio! Go … what is our mascot here at Pacific Coast Academy?”

Melanie grinned. “It’s a stingray.”

I stood up, jumped onto the table, and started yelling all over the place, “go Stingray! Go Stingray!”

Melanie told me to be more careful. “People don’t like it when tables break because of people dancing on them.”

I sighed deeply. “OK,later maybe …” I calmed down and sat again.

Kazu, the chef of the bar, asked me for my orders.

I wondered, “what do you recommend, Mel?”

She smiled. “I like the California roll here.”

I nodded. “Two California rolls, one pair of chopsticks!” I wanted to feed Melanie, although I had never got the hang out of using chopsticks.”

The sweet blonde shrugged. “OK, if you say so …” Then she started talking about cheerleading.

This school had been boys only until like two years ago.

Boys are no good at cheerleading, and the stingray football team had started sucking like crap for a few decades already.

The school had tried to hire girls from nearby schools, such as Palmwood, Hollywood School For The Professional Performance Arts, Northridge,1:4 Brewster, Silver Springs, and James K. Polk, in order to fill in the gaps. But this had not been but a crutch, not a turbo booster.

The sponsors and the alumni insisted in improvements of our football team, or else …

Well, against the will of Leo Bradford,1:5 the landlord of Pacific Coast Academy and son of our consevative foundation father, the school administration felt compelled to allow girls tro the school, just for the purpose of cheerleading.

During the last two years, girls were still a vast minority, but now the numbers appear almost balanced. And it is rumoured that there will be the first decent homegrowmn cheerio squad in the history of Pacific Coast Academy.

I am totally excited.

This sounded cool. “The football players will appreciate this.”

Melanie nodded. “Yeah, those rough boys almost live for being flattered by us cheerios.”

I wondered, “if I make it into the team, will you cheer for me?” Honestly, I was definitely neither fast nor strong enough to be a football player. But I so wanted to be caressed by the cheerio girls, and especially by Melanie.

Samantha’s nice sister nodded solemnly. “But it won’t be easy, there are already so many rough boys here, it is totally hard to make it into the team.”

I shrugged. I knew that it was impossible, but now I needed to sign up and try out, otherwise Melanie would have deemed me a liar.

Kazu brought us the ordered California rolls.

I tried hard to use the chopsticks, but it seemed to take the name of those tools literally in order to chop the food into smithereens.

Melanie was no longer willing to watch. She first tried to teach me using them, but had to give it up very soon.

I simply licked the stuff off the plate, making me look like a total weirdo. But I did not care.

1.2.4  Signing Up

The school had got a hall for the purpose of signing up for the many teams and electives.

I felt all lost among the kids here. First, I signed up for the spelling bee team, I had been in Ridgeway’s since the first grade, and so it was natural that I registred for the Pacific Coast Academy’s as well.

Then I walked over to the lists for the athletic teams. I was not really feeling comfortable, but it had to be.

A bully introduced to me later on as a certain Keith Finch1:6 laughed about me. “The weirdo club is over there!”

But I did not get distracted, closed my eyes, and signed the football list. “Gibby!”

1.3  Trying Out

1.3.1  Coach Keller

So, this was the football field.

I felt completely lost among a bunch of rough-hewn jocks, such as one Vincent Blake, apparently the boss of the team. Nevertheless, I stripped my chest, full of self confidence. “Gibbay!”

The responsible adviser was one Coach Keller.1:7 He growled, “OK,let’s see what you can do. Hey!” He thundered at me. “Go to Kazu and fetch me some sushi!”

I had to correct his absurd pronunciation of the word sushi, but he was not grateful for that.

The jocks all laughed about me.

I panted heavily. “But the word is really pronounced …”

Keller did not want me to correct him, and he yelled me away.

1.3.2  Equipment Manager

I had fetched some gunyoki for the coach. “May I now demonstrate my abilities?”

The jocks laughed again, this time even a lot louder.

Vince Blake, the confirmed quarterback, threw a ball at me. “Catch it, if you can!”

I tried to, but I got myself knocked to the ground by the impact of the leathern egg.

Needless to say, the guys’ laughter turned even louder.

Coach Keller declared, “OK, Gibblish …”

I growled, “My name is Gibby!”

Keller did not care. “You are our equipment manager!”

I jumped up, yelling, “yeah! Gibby is in te football team!” I looked at Vince. “What exactly is an equipment manager?”

Vince just shook his head and ran away, along with the other jocks.

Orenthal is mentioned in The iCarly Show: iStill Psycho, Cornelius is reveiled in The iCarly Show: iWin A Date.
Melanie Puckett is from The iCarly Show: iTwins.
The fire is featured in Zoey 101: People Auction.
Northridge is mentioned several times in Victorious, and identified with Eastridge from Bigtime RushBig Time Break.
Mr. Bradford is a cameo in Zoey 101: Prank Week with a first name borrowed from some part of teh same actor in some third party owned production.
Keith Finch is a guest character in Zoey 101: Defending Dustin.

He is identified wiith the same actor’s part as Cleeshay in The iCarly Show: iFence.
Coach keller is a guest character in Zoey 101: People Auction.