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Klaus Schilling


iDon’t Own Victorious or any other of the shows or works of arts used for this story. ‘
Science fiction, family, friendship, fluff
The story occurs in the identified universe of a huge variety of current or past live action shows produced for Nickelodeon channel, including, but not restricted to, Victorious, Zoey 101, The iCarly Show, Drake & Josh, How To Rock, Big Time Rush, Unfabulous, Neds Declassified School Survival Guide, True Jackson VP, Supah Ninjas, House Of Anubis, Just Jordan … and makes heavy use of a variety of members of their casts.
Thorough familiarity with the episodes and main and side characters of Zoey 101, especially of early season three, is desirable, but basically, everything necessary to know in order to be able to follow this story is found on the usual spoiler sites like Wikipedia.
The story takes off in season three Zoey 101, after the episode Quarantine, following production code number order.

The canon of Unfabulous and Neds Declassified School Survival Guide are considered completed at that point.

Drake & Josh seasosons one through three are considered completed. The fourth season is stuck at Mindy Loves Josh, assuming production number order. Everything thereafter is seen as a joint nightmare by Drake and Josh.
All other shows are still in pre canon stage.
Quinn Pensky modifies her bacteria ones more.

Lola Martinez gets contaminated by these and turns more and more into a living rubber doll.

Will Lola have to learn to live with this condition, or will someone find a cure?

Others are inclined to use Quinn’s discovery for different purposes.
Lola Martinez / Drake Parker, Dustin Brooks / Megan Parker, Stacey Dillsen / Josh Nichols, Quinn Pensky / Eric Blonowitz, Chase Bartholomew Matthews / Addie Singer


The story is written for LiveJournal-Community Tamingthemuse, prompt Rubbery.

It is in part inspired by Elastigirl, a character from third party owned DC fantasy cartoons.

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