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Klaus Schilling

The story’s Rating is PG-13.
iDon’t Own Zoey 101 or any other of the shows or works of arts used for this story.
Abstract: Genres include spiritual, mystery, supernatural, horror, fluff, friends

The story occurs in the identified universe of a huge variety of current or past live action shows produced for Nickelodeon channel, including, but not restricted to, Victorious, Zoey 101, The iCarly Show, Drake & Josh, How To Rock, Big Time Rush, Unfabulous, Neds Declassified School Survival Guide, True Jackson VP, Supah Ninjas, House Of Anubis, Just Jordan ... and makes heavy use of a variety of members of their casts.

There are no hard prerequisites for reading this stories but knowledge of the main characters and storylines as found e.g. in the Wikipedia pages of the most important Nickelodeon Shows of the past decade, especially the works of Dan Schneider.

The story takes off after the end of the canon of Zoey 101, Drake & Josh, Unfabulous, Neds Declassified School Survival Guide, and True Jackson VP.

The iCarly Show is considered as closing with the end of season two, considering any later season and some part of season two, as identified in the footnotes where relevants, as nightmares of various main characters. Same goes for seasons four of Zoey 101 and Drake & Josh.

The second part of Zoey 101: The Curse Of PCA is understood as a nightmare of Zoey Brooks.
The canon of Bigtime Rush, Victorious, and How To Rock are considered wholly as a nightmare of one of the characters.
Summary: On all souls’ day of his senior year, Dustin Brooks is confronted with the looming shadows of deceased former students at Pacific Coast Academy. He needs some strong spiritual support in order to handle the situation.


The story is written for LiveJournal-Community Tamingthemuse, prompt All Souls’ Day.


Chapter 1  Prologue

Hello, my name is Brooks ... Dustin Brooks.

Years ago, I studied as a senior at Pacific Coast Academy, the most illustrous boarding school of California ... ever, located not far from the gates of the megapolis of Los Angeles, and thus not far from the world’s centre of dreams and illusions: Hollywood. I had been a pupil here already as a second grader, and this meant that I should have been pretty much familiar with everything on our campus. Indeed, I had thought that this had been the case, but this was about turning out as a mistake.

The days were already on the decline, and the shadows were growing longer. Alsthough the falls here in coastal southern Californian were still comfortably warm, the uncanny feeling of growing darkness and cold were felt here, too, at least deep inside.

In particular, All Souls’ Day was once more around the corner. Usually, kids were having a lot of fun on Halloween at our school. But this year, it was a bit different. Yet none of us was able to know that when October was coming to an end, and most of us looked forward to Halloween, and thereafter Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Dean Rivers had announced to give a little speach in order to honour deceased former Pacific Coast Academy students, because it was now twenty five years since the founder of Pacific Coast Academy had died.

This did not mean that any of us here ay Pacific Coast Academy really believed in stuff like purgatory and all the other fairy tales spread by campus priest Father MacCurdy1 and his friends.

I at least was more worried about life after high school than life after death. My parents were living in London in Great Britain, and they would have liked me to follow them after my graduation, but I hated truly the English weather and English kitchen.

But my room mate Nevel Amadeus Papperman was of a different opinion. For him, the beginning of November was of a mysteriously dark significance. I had not tried to understand him, as he was scary indeed, and I had hated him before he even came to Pacific Coast Academyabout three years ago. This was the case because he had flamed my favourite Web Show, icarly dot com, beyond any reason, and foulmouth its cast. I am going to talk about this web show later on. Nevel loved talking about the impending end of times as we knew it, about curses, dark omens, and similar stuff. I tried not to believe his particular sermons, but I was unable to avoid being scared by the mere possibility of curses and omens. Nevel was able to play the piano and the recorder. There was no piano in our dormitory roome, 148 Maxwell Hall, but sometimes, he was allowed to use one standing in the aula. His favourite tunes were requiems, a Latin word meaning “rest”. But, for all ends an purposes, his performance of those tunes caused a lot of disquiet inside me.

I did not understand the reason for the impact of his music on my mind, but

Fortunately, Nevel was not my one and only room mate. There was also Jack Ross,2 and we had shared our dormitory room for ten years already.

MacCurdy is mentioned in The iCarly Show: iWant A Record.
Jack is a cameo character from Zoey 101: Pilot et alibi.

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.